Agency Team



We work with you to assess the whole person and provide services or referrals to meet your individual needs.

With one call, you will be connected with experienced, knowledgeable, and caring staff.

We’re in the office Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM.


Interim Executive Director

Carrie Blanding, Interim Executive Director
Phone: 925.937.8311 x101 : 925.937.8312 | Email:


Interim Director of Finance

Ted Comfoltey, Interim Director of Finance
Phone: 925.698.4580 | Email:


Director of Administration

Lise Bodine, Director of Administration
Phone: 925.937.8311 x402  | Email:


Development & Donor Relations

Erica Marcus, Donor Relations Manager
Phone: 925.937.8311 x107 : 925.937.8315 | Email:


Nutrition Services

Nancy Raniere, Nutrition Services Division Manager
Phone: 925.937.8311 x601 : 925.937.8606 | Email:



C.C. Cafés
Bonnie Paulson, C.C. Café Specialist 
Phone: 925.937.8311 x502 : 925.357.9706 | Email:

Meals on Wheels
Kelly Trujillo, Meals on Wheels Program Specialist
Phone: 925.937.8311 x606 : 925.448.3694 | Email:

Care Management
Rosa Loya, Director of Care Management
Phone: 925.937.8311 x201 : 925.239.2486 | Email:

Fall Prevention
Michele Alba, Program Manager
Phone: 925.937.8311 x301 : 925.891.4761 | Email:

Health & Wellness
Cynthia Black, Division Manager
Phone: 925.937.8311 x401 : 925.239.2484 | Email:


For all other inquiries, please call 925.937.8311 or email