C.C. Cafés Volunteers

C.C. Cafés

C.C. Cafés are places for older adults to gather and enjoy social activities and a meal. Our cafés serve 220 healthy, free or low-cost lunches in 6 locations every weekday.


What does a volunteer at a C.C. Café do?

You can take reservations over the phone, help set up for lunch, greet diners, or help serve food. Each weekday, seniors gather at the C.C. Café for a healthy meal in a social setting.

We operate six C.C. Cafes:

  • Bay Point, Ambrose Center, 3105 Willow Pass Road

  • Concord, Senior Center, 2737 Parkside Circle

  • Crockett, Senior Center, 850 Pomona Street

  • Pittsburg, Senior Center, 300 Presidio Lane

  • Rodeo, Community Center, 189 Parker Avenue

  • Walnut Creek, Community Center, 1375 Civic Drive


How do I learn more about volunteering?

You can apply online here, email or call our Volunteer Specialist at 925.937.8311, email info@mowdr.org or download the Volunteer Application Form and fax to 925.946.1869. Thank you!