Board of Directors


Dr. Michael M. Cohen
Employment:  Eye Care (Retired)
Residence:  Walnut Creek


Vice Chairperson

Wayne A.S. Francis
Employment:  Financial Industry (30 years, retired); Social Media ventures (currently)
Residence:  Brentwood



Linda J. Weihofen
Employment:  Reverse Mortgage Advisor at Genworth
Residence:  Martinez



Gabrielle Comfoltey
Employment:  Comfoltey Financial Services
Residence:  Danville



Kristina Daniel Lawson
Employment:  Hanson Bridget, LLP (Equity Partner - Real Estate Section)
Residence:  Walnut Creek

Scott J. Rafferty
Employment:  Attorney, Law Office of Scott Rafferty
Residence:  Walnut Creek

Christine Scimia
Employment:  Bank of the West (retired)
Residence:  Walnut Creek

Melissa Wedel
Employment:  U.S. Equities Research, J.P. Morgan
Residence:  Walnut Creek