Friendly Visitors, Callers, and Helpers

volunteers hugging seniors
"I've been grateful for many things in my life and meeting Kelly is at the top of the list. The Friendly Visitors program has been a lifesaver for me."
—Anne, a Friendly Visitors client

Friendships are fun at any age!  A growing number of seniors are isolated and can’t visit their friends and family as much as they used to. This is especially true for seniors who don’t drive. If you or a family member would enjoy some company, a friendly phone call, or needs an errand run, sign up for the Friendly Visitors, Callers, and Helpers program. We match older adults with volunteers for weekly one-hour visits, phone calls, or errands.

To request a Friendly Visitor, Caller, or Helper, please apply online below, download the application and fax it to 925.946.1869, or email


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