International Day of Charity: Skip a Meal to Give a Meal

Skip a meal to give a meal!

Today is the International Day of Charity. Meals on Wheels Diablo Region believes the best way to celebrate is to “Skip a Meal to Give a Meal.” On this special day, instead of spending money on lunch or dinner, donate the cost of your meal to help feed hungry seniors.

Every day, too many of our older neighbors worry about where their next meal will come from. They are the “hidden hungry” in our community, homebound, frail, and with a fragile support system. They depend on the meals we deliver to ensure that they are nourished, safe, and less isolated.

During this International Day of Charity, what better way to show your support for food-insecure elders than by skipping a meal to give a meal?

Donate what you would have spent on lunch or dinner to Meals on Wheels Diablo Region to provide a meal for the seniors in our community so they can remain healthy and live independently. 

Click here to donate!