Breakfast Bags

clients with breakfast bags

"The Breakfast Bag Program has been a real lifeline for me. Receiving breakfast helps me get the food I need. Now I don't feel hungry and alone in the world." -- Linda


The Breakfast Bag Program provides breakfast to very food-insecure seniors, who often rely on the one meal we deliver as their only meal each day. The Breakfast Bags include healthy breakfast items such as fresh fruit, yogurt, hardboiled eggs, string cheese, oatmeal, salads, sandwiches, and coffee, and tea. They provide the added nutrition vulnerable seniors need to keep from going hungry and help keep them healthy at home.

The program is limited to certain cities and is dependent on funding from grants and individual donors. Seniors must meet eligibility requirements. If you would like information on Breakfast Bag availability in your community, feel free to call our office at 925-937-8311 or fill out the form above.