Our Stories



Susan H. is a Meals on Wheels Diablo Region client with a wealth of experiences and of stories from her past career as a writer.
She was raised by her mother and father in Washington D.C., where her father worked as a writer for the Supreme Court and her mother as a lawyer.
She spent her adolescent years attending an all-girls Catholic school and touring the nation’s capital museums. At age 17, Susan was determined
to attend U.C. Berkeley, despite her parents’ concerns about her having enough support while far away in California....





In February of 2002 Connie and Al Amador lived rich, fulfilled lives. He worked as a marine mechanical engineer
and she was an HR professional. For the proud parents of two boys and one girl, family was (and remains) everything.
They relished watching their children excel and grow up in their Pleasant Hill home and raised them with the same
beliefs and principals instilled by their immigrant parents. Always striving to lead by example through love and kindness
Connie and Al decided to find a volunteer opportunity they could participate in together...













As Marv aged, he became dependent on his walker, needed help to take care of his basic needs, forfeited his license due
to a medical condition, and as a result lost much of his independence. When Marv realized that the fulfillment he received
from life-long community involvement and his active lifestyle were at risk, he reached out to his local senior center and was
referred to Meals on Wheels Diablo Region (MOWDR). Once his physical needs were addressed, we asked Marv if he would
be interested in receiving visits from a Friendly Visitors Program volunteer. Meals on Wheels told me somebody would come and
visit with me and help me do things....



When Maurice was 21 he married the love of his life, Hazel. The two became inseparable--raising a family,
joining a ministry together, building a fulfilling life. As Maurice aged, he began to face medical issues. The life he
and Hazel had built became more challenging as she was faced with his full-time care and little support.....




At 103 years old, most of Helen’s remaining family lives outside of California, and being confined to a wheelchair
makes it very difficult for her to leave the board and care home where she lives in Concord. Helen’s son, Larry, in an
effort to keep her active and engaged when he was unable to be with her, started looking into companionship programs....