Meals on Wheels Diablo Region is a full-service organization dedicated to improving all aspects of a senior’s life. We focus on the whole person, meeting a range of needs from nutrition to social interaction, fall prevention, and health and wellness. Our goal is to ensure that older adults are able to live independently, with dignity in their homes for as long as possible.

two volunteers handing a senior a tray of food


Our flagship program delivers meals to seniors (60 years or older) who are homebound, not able to drive, unable to prepare food themselves, and do not have a caregiver that prepares their meals. Meals are provided based on need, not on income. Our volunteer drivers deliver over 1,000 nutritious meals to homebound seniors every day. Meal deliveries also provide a needed safety check and is often the only human interaction a senior will have all day.

group of seniors in a cafe


For seniors who are not homebound, cafés provide seniors with a nutritious meal and an opportunity to socialize, keeping them both healthy and engaged. Two hundred and twenty healthy lunches are served every weekday at five Contra Costa County locations.

elderly lady exercising


Falls are the largest reason for seniors to be admitted to hospitals and nursing homes. Our Fall Prevention program helps reduce preventable injuries that lead to loss of independence, significant healthcare costs, and deaths caused by falls among seniors. We focus on a combination of education and exercise, using programs endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, close to 200 seniors receive critical home safety improvements every year.

young volunteer with an elderly lady

FRIENDLY VISITORS, callers, and helpers

Isolation has been linked to health risks and depression in frail seniors. A weekly visit from a Friendly Visitor, a welcome phone call from a Friendly Caller, or an errand run by a Friendly Helper keeps seniors connected to another person and provides friendship and comfort.

sad elderly lady in a wheelchair


Vulnerable seniors face a myriad of social issues and often do not know where to turn. Our Case Management program provides confidential guidance to help older adults and their families meet long-term care needs, and deal with problems such as housing, elder abuse, depression, and other concerns. Over 800 seniors every year use these services, helping them improve their quality of life and maximize independence.

lady exercising


Incorporating exercises and physical activities into our lifestyle as we age helps us remain healthy and independent. Our Health & Wellness programs include an array of evidence-based classes and nutrition resources designed to reduce stress, increase mobility, and improve quality of life. These workshops and educational sessions encourage older adults to live life to the fullest.