Prevailing through Injury with Fall Prevention Program Support and Care

Susan H. is a Meals on Wheels Diablo Region client with a wealth of experiences and of stories from her past career as a writer. She was raised by her mother and father in Washington D.C., where her father worked as a writer for the Supreme Court and her mother as a lawyer. She spent her adolescent years attending an all-girls Catholic school and touring the nation’s capital museums. At age 17, Susan was determined to attend U.C. Berkeley, despite her parents’ concerns about her having enough support while far away in California. While studying at Berkeley, she majored in English literature, eventually pursuing a long career as a writer and in public relations. Susan was a woman on the move when she graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1968.
Speaking with Susan, you quickly realize that she has not lost her motivational spirit. She is full of life and joy, despite having suffered a serious injury months ago. She states “I had to focus on the good” as she remembers the struggles she faced when she first returned home. She recalls having to relearn basic tasks she’d managed her entire life, realizing that she took those same tasks for granted in the past. Now after being home for only three months, Susan is slowly recovering from her impairment, constantly building her strength and taking the necessary steps for healthy recovery.
 Susan was connected to MOWDR through our Fall Prevention Program. Through the program, four grab bars and new porch boards were installed in her residence through our contractors, Safe at Home. Since the renovations, Susan has been able to safely maneuver throughout her home. Using her walker as a guide, she’s able to balance confidently and with ease. She is very grateful for the help of Meals on Wheels Diablo Region and the occupational therapist she worked with.  She states, “Everyone was really nice to me.” Support from the Fall Prevention Program has provided Susan with a renewed self-assurance, demonstrating to her that she can still live an active and vibrant life as she ages.
Susan continues to keep a positive mindset by concentrating on everything she loves. She discusses her passion for cooking, and states, “I love to cook, my friend comes over, and we eat and talk.” Aside from her cooking hobby, Susan has three beautiful 32-year-old parrots that she loves to feed and talk to. It is obvious that the birds make Susan extremely happy. She shares that while she was in rehabilitation for her injury, she was very eager to get back home to her pets. Even with the recent adversity Susan endured, at 73 years old, she remains motivated and smiling. MOWDR is proud to help clients like Susan, bringing joy and support in a time of need.
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