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Seniors depend on Meals on Wheels Diablo Region for the only meal they will eat all day. But one meal isn’t enough for those seniors who are extremely food insecure and split their meal to have enough food to eat for lunch, dinner, and to take at night with medications. MOW Diablo Region believes our elders shouldn’t ever go hungry.

You can make a difference by supporting a senior get the extra food they need from our Breakfast Bag program. Breakfast Bags provide a week’s worth of healthy breakfast foods, including hardboiled eggs, cereal, a healthy grain, string cheese, and even sandwiches, salads, and vegetables.

A donation of:

  • $125 will sponsor a senior’s breakfast for a month
  • $300 will sponsor a senior’s breakfast for three months
  • $600 will sponsor a senior’s breakfast for 6 months
  • $1,200 will sponsor a senior’s breakfast for a full year!

We will share with you the story of the senior you are helping. Our seniors have lived interesting lives, they have made history and have built our communities. We would love to share those stories while letting them know they are being thought of by people like you. You can also go on a ride-a-long with a delivery volunteer to meet a senior who won’t go hungry thanks to your support.