COVID-19 Response

Dear Friend,
In these uncertain times, the seniors we serve rely on us now more than ever. As someone who cares about those we serve, I wanted to provide you an update on how we are addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • Our meal deliveries remain uninterrupted. In fact, we are serving more seniors now than before. We have increased staff hours to ensure meals are delivered to those in need. We are providing additional protective supplies to our drivers and instructing them to leave the meal on the senior’s porch, to ring the doorbell, and then to back away and watch the client get the meal.
  • Clients that previously attended our Cafés will be receiving 7 frozen meals delivered every week.
  • Our Friendly Visitors program is providing all their services over the phone. We are planning to ramp up calling services for seniors who find themselves newly isolated during this time when social isolation is necessary but can be negative for so many.
  • Our Fall Prevention and Health and Exercise classes are temporarily suspended. Seniors attend our classes for both the health and social benefits. We are reaching out to them to ensure they are not isolated during this time.
  • Our Care Management department is still providing case management and crisis management services. They are doing this over the phone and are ramping up service to help seniors process this crisis.
We have received an outpouring of support from the community wanting to volunteer. Our existing volunteers have stepped up to help and we will reach out to new interested volunteers as the need increases. If you are interested in volunteering, please apply online.
These measures have strained our resources and we could use your help. Please consider giving us a gift today. Thank you for all you do to help seniors in our community every day. We need you now more than ever.
Caitlin Sly
Execuitive Director


As the Covid-19 public health emergency continues to evolve, MOW Diablo Region remains committed to monitoring the situation and updating our clients, community partners and staff with the latest recommendations and resources. The FAQs below answer your questions about meal production and deliveries and the safety of our senior clients and volunteers. Please visit for the latest infomation and public health resources.



Will Meals on Wheels Diablo Region continue to deliver my meals?
Your meals will continue to be delivered, but it may not be from your usual driver. We have now begun a process of social distancing. The driver will ring your bell or knock at the door and step at least six feet away while you come out and retrieve your meal. If you do not answer, we will call you, but if there is no answer, we cannot leave your meal.  
What are you doing to protect me from COVID-19?
Your health and that of our volunteers is of utmost importance. No volunteer will be allowed to deliver meals if they are showing any symptoms of cold or fever. Your meal will be delivered in a special bag to ensure that it remains free from germs. Our volunteers have been provided with gloves and hand sanitizer.  They will be standing at least 6 feet away, so handshakes and hugs are not allowed. 
Will my Friendly Visitor continue to visit?
Sadly, at this time it is necessary to practice social distancing, but we are encouraging your Friendly Visitor to call you. If you would like extra calls during the week from your Friendly Visitor or one of our other volunteers, please let them know and we will try to arrange it.  Remember, if you receive a call and anyone asks for personal information, it is not coming from Meals on Wheels Diablo Region.  Unfortunately, people are using this opportunity to scam people. We will NEVER ask for any personal information and you shouldn’t provide it to anyone over the phone ever!
When will classes begin again?
All Health & Wellness classes have been temporarily suspended, and will resume by determination of the County. We've posted short video segments to our website that will allow you to participate in a mini exercise routine and relaxation through breathing from the safety of your home.
What do I do now that the C.C. Cafés are closed?
We are currently providing 7 frozen meals every Tuesday for pick-up to those most in need. To order your 7 frozen meals please call 925-395-4218 by the Monday before to ensure we have them ready for you.
I’m in need of other supplies?  Is there a way to get them from you?
The community has been very generous in providing non-food essentials. Please let us know what you need and we will try to accommodate your request. Remember, the only food that will be delivered will be your meal, although we can deliver food for your dog and cat if you need it.

In this time of social distancing, the senior population is at a higher risk from the Coronavirus (Covid -19) and are in need of support from the community. Please join MOW Diablo Region by donating any non-food, personal hygiene items that we can distribute to our elderly clients: 
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizer
  • Individually packaged sanitizing wipes
  • Gloves
  • Toilet paper (individually wrapped or 4-packs)
  • Plastic bags with handles (clean, unused)
  • Strong Command adhesive hooks (for hanging the meal outside our clients’ door)
  • Incontinence supplies (adult diapers, etc.)
  • Cleaning products
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Dry pet food
Any donation is greatly appreciated and can be brought to 1300 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek between 9:00 AM through 4:00PM Monday through Friday. Please place the items in the cooler located in the lobby.
If you are not able to donate an item, but still want to help, please consider making a donation or becoming a monthly donor so that we can continue delivering meals to vulnerable seniors. 


Hear why frontline volunteer William feels that it is important to give back—especially now.